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It is incredibly common to dream of types of transportation. These symbols often can have multiple meanings and there are often many layers of information embedded within dreams.

To dream of driving a car, riding a bike, or flying in an airplane all can have similar meanings as they could relate to how we get from place to place or where we are going at that particular moment in our life. So we can see that when we are dreaming about driving in a car, we are going normal speed but faster than by foot, so what is the destination? Where did you come from? These too can offer insight into why you maybe dreaming of a drive.

Here are some comments on symbols and clues to what they might mean:

  • Walking: this is the most basic form of travel. Moving at your own pace.

  • Running: moving toward or away from something quickly.

  • Riding a bike: riding toward something. Only one person can ride a bike at a time. Independence, youthful, playful or nimble, “off road”. Close to where you need to go.

  • Driving a car: for most of us, this is the most common way we travel in life.  It can represent how we feel about our path or the direction we are going. Who’s driving the car? Who’s car are you driving? What happens to/in/around the car? All of these could relate directly to how things are moving or how you are moving through life. Also take note of the color of the car. A red car may represent survival or need. A white car, purity. A yellow car, personal power. A blue car, communication.

  • Train: “As with most symbols, the meaning of dreams of train can be found by comparing the dream image with its counterpart in waking life. Carl Jung was a proponent of “amplifying” dream symbols which is somewhat different from associating dream symbols. Dream amplification involves taking the symbol and describing it as one would to a person who has never heard of the symbol before. To do this, one lists everything one can about the symbol. So for a train, one might say it is a powerful mode of public transportation, it is generally used for long journeys, it runs on tracks, it is guided by engineers, it has cars, it is a slower mode of transportation than an airplane and it stays on the ground.”-Aisling Ireland    

  • Airplane: one of the fastest ways we travel on Earth. It can mean that the path to the destination is being accelerated or moving very quickly. Covering hundreds of miles of ground in minutes. Not grounded, higher perspective. Things are “in the air”. Traveling to higher planes of thinking.

  • Spaceships: some people dream of being on space craft or other super fast moving objects. Larger point of view. Learning or traversing a large distance. Moving through things that are far outside what is “normal” for you.

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