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Dreams are often cast with people we know. It is very common to see people in our dreams that we interact with on a regular basis or people we are having issues with. Dreams can sometimes help to unravel mixed up or twisted ideas in the mind. As we live our lives, we are learning about reality through relating with other people. We have conflicts to resolve, pent up emotions, frustrations, urges and whole buffet of other challenges to go through in any relationship.  In our dreams, we can act out these ideas in a safe place, think life simulator. But at the same time, I feel there is always deeper messages embedded if one is thorough enough to do the looking.

People in our dreams become symbols to express ideas or concepts that we need to understand. They may have nothing to do with the person in life, and only to do with what they represent to the dreamer.Case in point, I once dreamed of an old manager that I worked with years previous only he was in a wheel chair and we were getting married. This person from my past was manager of operations when I knew him and in my dream he represented the opportunity I was being given to join the management team at the place I was working at the time. Him being in a wheel chair represented the crippled state of my employers current state of operations.

Sometimes people appear in our dreams because they are involved in the context of the dream. For example, if you dream of a kissing a guy you secretly have a crush on, well this might just be your mind giving yourself a safe place to act out that fantasy or it could be trying to help you understand how you feel about that person. In other words, people can appear in our dreams because they are apart of the ideas being expressed through the dream. They are actually players in the story of your life that the dream is expressing.

Only the dreamer can truly determine which is the case, but don’t put it passed your subconscious mind to through in dual and triple meanings for symbols, people you know included.

It is a good idea have a think about what that person means to you. What qualities might they represent? Consider how this dream person might connect to your current situation.

Here are a few more ideas about people you know in dreams. To dream of your:

  • Best Friend: could represent ideas you have about yourself. After all, your self is the best friend you will ever have. Best friends are the ideal type of friend. They can also represent close bonds, long lasting relationships, loyalty, etc…
  • Baby or Childthese can be situations, projects or events that you have guardianship over. If it is your child or your baby, naturally you will feel responsible for it. Babies are new, children are a little more mature. So too can represent the age of a project or situation.
  • Boss or Coworkers:  generally speaking, these folks will appear when there is work to do or being done. They may relate to how you perceive the social aspects of business life. They could represent the position they hold and not themselves, etc.
  • Husband or Wife: an idea, event or situation that you are legally committed to. Something binding. The merging of two courses.
  • Family: any family member could represent either their position in the family or aspects and traits that the dreamer and the family member share. A mother in a dream might represent the need for guidance, nurturing, creativity, imagination or open mindedness, where as dreaming of a father might represent focus, leadership, direction and stability. Of course, each individual will have a unique relationship with each of these symbols and that will influence the meaning.  For example a dreamer with a healthy mother-daughter relationship might interpret the presence of her mother in a dream differently than a dreamer with mommy issues. A brother or sister could mean someone close to you, a peer, or they might represent competition. What does a sibling represent to you? Same goes with grandparents, cousins, etc.
  • People you only know online:  this could represent something or someone you don’t know very well or something that you only have a superficial level of information about. There is a unknown distance between you and what this person represents.
  • Sorta like someone I know: if the person reminded you of someone or they were like a blending of people, think about the qualities of this person and how you feel about them. The words you choose to describe them may relate to vague feelings you have about a situation, person, relationship or event.  Something familiar but different. New but reminiscent of something or someone else.

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