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Dreaming of Being Killed by an Alligator


Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

My co worker had a dream about me being eaten by a white alligator!!! A couple of months ago I dreamed of alligator!!! Freaky right? Well in my dream there was a pond with the alligator in it! My dog jumped in then my niece and my sister! I had too keep jumping in the pond to save everyone! The alligator eventually caught me and killed me!

Dream Decoded:

Wow, that is quite dramatic and I would guess that this dream was sent as a warning or the expression of an unconscious fear. Hope you don’t live in Florida! Kidding :). The warning is probably not an omen of death, more like a sign of looming transformation. Interestingly enough, according to wiki, white alligators are extremely rare and hard to find in the wild. This small clue might help you to uncover what this represents in your life.

…there was a pond with the alligator in it!

aligatorThe alligator is a dangerous and powerful animal. My wild guess is that this represents a man, possibly someone you work with. Might there be a white, solitary sorta man with two shiny rows of pearly teeth hanging around your pond? The idea of your pond to me represents your personal space, intimate space. Water, is the symbol of life force energy and can also symbolize sexual energy. Ponds are often tucked away, peaceful and still, but something dangerous has found its way in. But if it isn’t a person, then it is some sort of wild and dangerous activity you have been doing alone.

My dog jumped in then my niece and my sister!

There are warnings being put in your path. Maybe your dog doesn’t like this person, perhaps they all got up in your business about it. Or perhaps they all fell for the charm of the guy (if there’s a guy).

I had too keep jumping in the pond to save everyone!

Do you feel like you have to keep explaining yourself to everyone from the truth about the situation. Are you hiding something perhaps? You are protecting them from something you know is not safe.

The alligator eventually caught me and killed me!

I am most interested to know how you felt when you woke up. What feelings did you have about this because I would have to guess that this warning from your subconscious is clearly expressing that the path that you are on will lead to a big life change. Hearing of your friends dream might have inspired the symbolism expressed in your dream, if you had been thinking about it or wondering what it might mean. And that wondering could have triggered the dream.

All in all, I would take the dream as a warning of a threat in your house. A person in your life, or a dangerous habit that has the potential to cause big upheaval in your personal life if you don’t do something about it.  Or it also may be expressing a fear about letting someone or something into your personal space and the fear that doing so would mean giving up, transforming or changing an aspect of your current self.

Hope this helps!


Thanks!!! That helped a lot!!! Awesome!!!

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9 thoughts on “Dreaming of Being Killed by an Alligator

  1. In my dream it was night. My boyfriend and I were walking talking about taking a trip. it happened so fast. My boyfriend sunk in to the ground I was trying to help him out. When a alligator /crocodile bit him on his legs and took him in to the water. I was still holding on to my boyfriend. I knew my boyfriend was gone but I still held on to him. I was kicking and screaming at the alligator / crocodile but no once tried to hurt me.I remember feeling so scared, helpless but I couldn’t let go of my boyfriends hands I just wanted him out of the water.

  2. I had a dream where I was visiting my parents home (my old home, by a canal) and there were aligators everywhere! Big ones (almost 6 to 7 foot) and small ones. They where greenish black in color.
    The alligators mostly just layed around relaxing, only snapping at people when you tried to move them. Someone had been hired to remove them, and i was watching him work whilst being terrified out of my mind. Everyone else seemed only mildly worried.
    We were told everything was safe, and all the alligators had been removed. So I decided to go to my old room and take a nap. (I was still a little scared) there was a whole bunch of clothes piled on top of the bed, but I just collapsed on top of them and went to sleep. While I slept another alligator appeared and attacked me, piercing my heart. (She had been protecting her eggs which were under my bed). After that I followed my own casket to my funeral like a ghost, then woke up.

    • Thank you for sharing your dream with me. Here is what comes to mind.
      First, let’s consider that the dream begins at your parents house and you are visiting. My first thoughts are that perhaps then this dream will represent something that has to do with your parents in some way.
      The big alligators, though not an eminent threat, still pose some sort of danger or fear else they wouldn’t need to be removed. So we find that there is some sort of looming, possible threat to the safety of your parents or whomever, one that causes genuine concern in your mind, but perhaps others don’t share in your sense of urgency or fear like you have.
      And then, your fears are realized… when you were told all was clear, everything was all good, that is when you unwittingly are victimized by what amounts to a mom protecting her babies. This happens while you slept, so you are unconscious and helpless in this situation… how were you to know there were babies under the bed. Regardless, in this dream you pay the ultimate price for the mistake.
      Finally, I think there is an important point hidden in the idea that you followed your own casket… to be aware and to have survived death. Even after the worst possible outcome, you were still there, still alive to witness the aftermath. Sounds like, you have nothing to fear in the end. Perhaps you have lost something, but maybe it isn’t as tragic an end as you have thought. Hope this helps!

  3. When I was a teen my sister had recurrent dreams about us swimming in a lake and then an alligator ate me. And now my 14 year old daughter has a dream that her and my son’s was in one car and I was following them in my van. They some how drive into a lake and as I was trying to save them an alligator ate me. I don’t know the colors of the Gators, but now I’m interested on what it means since 2 people dreamt about me being eaten by alligators.

  4. Sorry meant recurring not recurrent

    • hmm really interesting situation here. BTW, I hope you don’t live in Florida! Kidding.
      This is interesting because it isn’t your subconscious that is pulling out these images, it is those around you who are being influenced by you. The idea that you and your sister were swimming in a lake makes me think that you and your sister came into sexual maturity together. Perhaps this alligator is representative of a guy that consumes your time and attention? Or something dangerous for you, that takes over your whole life. The lake, to me can represent deep emotions.

      Your daughters van reminds me that your daughter and son are headed in one direction and you are trying to keep up. Both of them are heading into the age your sister and you where when you started learning about deep emotions and whilst your intention is to help them, you end up getting consumed by the very thing you are trying to protect them from.

      It is the dreamers dream however, so the only way to know for sure is for the dreamer to confirm what they know the dream means and if you are simply representing something for them or if they do relate to you directly to you, for you and for whatever reason can’t come through you, so they come to you from others. In any event, I would still stay clear of bogs or wherever gaters hang out, just in case 🙂
      Hope this helps!

  5. I had a dream that my dad was playing with two kids on a bridge. It was next to a pond that had a gate and a black bag around it you could see what was behind it. The bridge fell and my dad and the two kids fell in. The gate and black bag came falling down and you could see them getting eaten by the alligator. On the side of the pond was two dead bodies. The pond was clear and you could see a sale boat floating at the bottom. Me, my mom, little brother and sister started running along with two random ladies. We had to get over rocks once we go there the ladies dissappeared. So me, my mom and brother and sister ran into a church but when we went in they tried to look us in. We all got out but my little brother dissappeared. We got in to a black taxi and when the taxi driver moved his review mirror I could see my little sister’s reflection and it wasn’t her it was another little girl, and when he did it again it was a different little girl.

    • thank you for sharing your dream with me. here is what comes to my mind.

      Firstly, the bridge where your father and the two children play and the gate with the black bag are all interesting symbols.. I see bridges as crossings or thresholds that get us past something difficult or challenging. They carry us across something we couldn’t easily do ourselves. Your father and the children could have multiple meanings, It could be an old problem that runs in the family, like alcoholism for example, the two children representing his children or simply recent responsibilities.

      So when the bridge falls, everything comes crashing down… The gate, as a symbol, might mean something that is supposed to protect or keep things out becoming next to useless in this situation. A black bag is an interesting one because we conceal and carry things in our bags… both being eaten by the alligator.. could represent the idea of losing your privacy and…

      In your dream, you and your family (sans dad) and two randoms have to “get over the rocks” this makes me think there are some hard times that happen after the fall of the father and the loss of the gate and bag…
      And so, to heal, in the dream you go to church.. perhaps to find spiritual or emotional healing and understanding.. did your little brother find God? Black is a color of ultimate absorption..

      The key for you will be to discover if your family are playing parts of you or if they are representing perceptions of them that you have. It’s likely both but only you can tell me that for sure.
      I like the idea that you can see your sister in the reflections of others or that you can see the reflections of others in her.. perhaps you are widening your perspective of life a little bit. Perhaps you are starting to see that things aren’t exactly like you thought they were…

      hope this helps!

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