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Hints on Decoding Your Own Dreams


Before you say to yourself, “I have no idea what that means,” instead say, “How does this scenario reflect the current preoccupations of my life?” Try to marry the pattern of events being expressed in the dream to patterns of behavior in your life.

Every person sees and understands the world differently. Each have biases and it is my theory that these biases trigger the colorful symbolism and metaphors of reality we see in dreamland; dreams are parables. Dreams come from that part of our mind that thinks in pictures and feelings; a deeper part of our self then some of us are normally in touch with. There are many different types of dreams but they all have the same purpose in my opinion: to help us with life. If the scenario or symbols are still a mystery, consider your feelings toward it and go from there.

You will know a dream has a meaning because you have a feeling or a nagging suspicion that it does. Only you know if what you are dreaming about is important. And truly, only you are capable of fully deciphering the full-bodied tones that dreams tend to strike. They so completely take advantage of layered meaning, maybe that is why they stick with us… we know there is a reason that situation and symbol was seen and not others.

Prophetic, shared, lucid or visitation dreams are more rare, though I suspect most people have had some such dream experience. These dreams are often accompanied by a strong sense of importance or desire to gather meaning from them. Lucid dreaming in particular, is an experience that reflects (at least to some degree) the waken (conscious) state of the dreamer in life. Lucidity and other extraordinary experiences may also be a tool for increasing the likelihood that the dream is remembered so the meaning might be uncovered.

Sometimes the subjects of dreams are those we don’t want to look at or see and this is exactly why we have dreamed them. If this is the case, then it stands to reason that on some level, one might want to stay baffled by the mystery of the dream. Perhaps this is why dreams offer answers buried within questions and mystery.

I find my dreams are sometimes a response to days where I have expressed an emotional imbalance in response to daily catalyst that requires more insight, a different perspective and perhaps a light push in the right direction. They may be suggesting how to realign ones thinking so to resolve the subject that called forth the dream. Am I making sense here?

I hope this helps!

Do you have a dream you want decoded? Go ahead and send us your dream. I dare you!

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