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Dream Decoder *-* Symbols *-* Child Drowning


By far, seeing a child drown in a dream has been the most commonly asked about dream symbol. So, I thought it might be wise to take a moment to dig into this symbol on its own and with some detail. Of course, these are only my ideas on the subject, so use your powers of discernment and follow those things that ring true to you.

Panic, fear and worry surround this particular symbol, don’t they? To me, the very thought of watching my child or any child drown is disturbing and generates immediate concern. So, when one sees this in a dream, they might look for a situation involving the child and the perception that a child is struggling or is not able to overcome life’s obstacles; an inability to cope.  The idea of being swept away, overwhelmed and sinking also come to mind.

If the dreamer is childless or the child is not their own, then a child might be used to represent a young, creative or emotionally invested responsibility. This can be a job or a project, anything where the relationship dynamic is one of parent/child. So, to see a child drowning from that perspective, the responsibility may be in trouble and you are a witness to it. Consider that there is an abundance of energy with no direction, no place to go.

As I see it, water represents the emotions. The flowing outward of source energy; flow of life; the momentum at which things in life are moving. Still waters may represent a dormant state of this flow; a pool of life-force energy that is still. Deep water can equal emotional depth. In the case of still waters then, consider the need for an outlet of this energy. A place for the excess emotion to go.

The body of water offers clues to both the environmental state and the breadth of the flow or backup of emotional energy.  An ocean, for example, might suggest world-wide prevalence or a powerful abundance of energy while a bathtub would point to something a more intimate or private and only concerning a select few. Take the idea of a child drowning in a frozen lake, this might symbolize a medium sized school where the kids are being very cruel or cold to one another. It could represent immobility or a solidified state. While a waterfall, may indicate a clear delineation of levels in life or a defined precipice from which things are falling; a swift lowering of elevation, coming down from a higher state, etc… But we always seem to be talking about the same thing, the flow or current state of our life.

When we see this symbol we might want to ask ourselves if there is an  overabundance of emotion that needs to be flowing or would benefit from a some direction or an outlet thereby removing the threat of drowning.

Hope this helps!


Author: DreamDecoder

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13 thoughts on “Dream Decoder *-* Symbols *-* Child Drowning

  1. I had a dream seeing my own child drown n I managed to rescue him n he had miscles in he’s face n bodys wher lying around in the bush around us but we managed to came out of that horrible place but I’m having dificult time to think what could be the meaning of my dream

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  3. I had this horrific dream ages ago (the fact it was so awful makes it easy to remember even now). The dream or nightmare had two parts. The 2nd part had me swimming in some sort of labyrinthian passages of water and it took me to a swimming pool. I was fine as I knew when to take some air in but I found all the young boys drowning in this swimming pool. They were tethered by their feet to the bottom of the pool and out of reach from the surface. I panicked and swam to each one and gave them air. There were about 6 of them and by the time I came to the 6th one he was convulsing wildly and taking in water. He was dying horribly in front of me. At that moment I jolted awake drenched in sweat and I felt very vulnerable at that moment.

  4. I run a child care from my home and I dreamt that one of the children stayed over and had to take a bath (his 8 years old) I filled up the tub I closed the door and did not check on him for awhile, when I opened the door he was on the bottom of the tub faced down I pulled him out he was limp and unconscious I tried to give him cpr no respond that’s when I called for help. In the dream he didn’t survive and although I was very upset he drowned in my care I didn’t feel too overwhelmed. I did get up feel scared and worried

    • Sometimes children in our dreams can represent something we consider a personal responsibility that is roughly the age of the child. You said you filled up the tub and then closed the door leaving the child to himself. Is there something in your life, a responsibility of some kind where you got everything ready and started, put great care into the preparation of but then when it came to the actual event, you were not there. You had already closed the door or diverted your attention elsewhere by the time the actual bathing was to happen. And by the time your attention returned, it was too late.

      It is interesting that you use the words “although I was very upset he drowned in my care I didn’t feel too overwhelmed”. I think this shows that whatever the outcome this situation may bring, you will be able to handle it. It isn’t as bad as you might think. Some things in life naturally sink to the bottom instead while others rise to the top. In your dream, once you discovered there was an issue, you did what you could and when you saw that wasn’t going to be enough, you called for help. Best you can do. Best anyone can do.

      Hope this helps,

  5. I had a dream lastnight that my godson drowning infront if me …but its as if I dont notice for a while but I snap jnto it soon enough get him out and manage to save him with cpr…struggling with meaning as im not the only one who dreams of him drowning ….

  6. I had a dream that I took my daughter and son a bath I got my daughter out of the bath tub and got her dressed and stuff then got up and told my boyfriend I’m going to the store I’ll be right back but at the time I didn’t know I left my son I forgot when I came back I said where’s Chris (my son) and then my heart sunk and ran to the bathroom he was under water I lifted him out scream no and crying and put my hands on his chest pushing it up and down and breathing in his mouth he didn’t spit up any water just woke up and I huged him and yelled at my boyfriend and said why didn’t you wonder where he was at?

    • thank you for sharing your dream with me.
      this sounds like fear of being distracted, to put it simply. But even in this case, you were able to act appropriately, able to bring him back, so to speak.. so the key here is vigilance. not to let yourself keep your eyes off the prize so to speak, not to let another person guard what is most precious of yours. This could be a job or project that you covet and not actually representing your son, literally.

      hope this helps!

  7. When my daughter was 2, she’s now 8. I dreamt I walked into my bathroom and she was face down floating in the bath, I can’t remember how she got there or why I had left the bathroom, I don’t even know if I did. I just remember seeing her floating there, the way her hair floated on top of the water, that picture is still so vivid in my head. She was dead. I woke up crying my eyes out, but that’s not the only drowning dream iv had of her, we wer on a ship that sunk and I found my partner and son but could not find my daughter. I got to land and watched the ship go under with her still on it. I have always suffered with disturbing dreams ever since I was little, I also get sleep paralysis 😫😫😫😫 xx

  8. Thank you so much for this insight!

    When I fight with my husband or have other anxieties, I have this night terror where my car slips off the road into a pond and I can’t get my kids out. I wake up balling and can’t get back to sleep without dreaming it over and over. This has been haunting me!

    Thank you for giving me a new perspective on its meaning. Even knowing that it is due to anxiety does not make it easier to experience.

    I have been trying to find outlets for my emotions through art and creating things. I think it has helped a lot.

  9. Thank you for your insight. It was quite helpful. I do not have any children, and my dream was in a public lake, it had bends and I was the only person able to help save the little girl, even though there were other people watching they seemed to be unable to help for one reason or another, all watching, though, and I was exhausted. The child’s father was there watching her swim at first , but then he disappeared. This makes me realize that I need to pay more attention to the other aspects of my dream. I remember reviving her, though.

    Thank you, again.

  10. For the last two nights I have had the same type of dream where myself, family,and friends have been around the pool the first night and after everyone went inside I didn’t see my 2 year old I went to pool and he was face down. The second night same thing except we were at a camp on a bayou where the back porch was only a few feet above the water. In my dream everyone is enjoying hanging out, swimming,ect a while later we all retire for the night and I walk in the room where my son should have been sleeping on the bed there were lots of covers and I started frantically throwing covers around but he wasn’t there so I run to porch by the water and see him floating face down with his floaty ring and arm floating still on but he’s limp. The second dream woke me up with my heart racing and on the verge of an anxiety attack. It took a little time for me to completely calm down.

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