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Dreaming of Captain Hook

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Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

Okay so I was captured by Captain Hook. But in order for me not to get hurt by him (even though I didn’t think he would hurt me) I just randomly kissed him (made out) then I went down on him have him a bj. Then the next day in the dream instead of escaping like I had planned when I was captured I kissed Captain Hook again. Then that was it.

I’m so curious to know why out of all men in this world Captain Hook was in my dream. I wanna know why I dreamed what I dreamed but also why it was Captain Hook. I’m 20 years old. It was just a shock to me lol. And funny thing is my dream was very cartoony except for me in the dream.

Dream Decoded:

Sometimes, when we dream, what we see is a skewed version of what we experience in our day-to-day lives;. Like the reflection you might see in a fun-house mirror, the elements of our dreams can reflect ideas or concepts we have about experiences in a distorted way. Keeping this in mind I want to go in two directions here with this interpretation.

First, if you are in a sexual relationship with someone, perhaps you are looking at this situation from the view-point of being “trapped” or coerced into performing sexual acts with this person. It is possible then that you have been looking at this person like he is dangerous, has his “hooks” in you, is a pirate or someone who likely won’t stick around for long and is only out for himself… So seeing this person as Captain Hook might be expressing the way that you feel toward this person, ideas you have about this person or character traits and flaws that you perceive about this person. It may or may not be a fair or realistic representation of reality; it may be the reflection of an imbalanced or inaccurate perception of a person.

Secondly, if there is no actual relationship then this might be reflecting ideas you have about sexuality, past experiences, the feeling that you have to use your body or behave in a sexual way to (and this may seem like a strange concept) but to protect or distance yourself from experiencing real emotion or a real connection with others. Men in our dreams can sometimes represent an action we have taken or will take in our life. If we look at your dream from this angle, we might say that perhaps your actions in this area, your choice to be sexual has been due to feeling pressured and out of fear of being captured or being hurt, you distance yourself emotionally while you connect physically.

In the end of your dream however, you seem to be battling with the idea of being taken or captured but instead of running out of fear or for whatever reason, you make the conscious choice to “kiss” or connect emotionally with this person. You have the opportunity to run away or get out of the situation, but decide instead to stay.

All in all, it seems to me that your dream is reflecting personal feelings you have about either a specific person and your sexual dalliances and/or the experiences you have encountered regarding sex, the choices you have made and the underlying reason for those choices. Hopefully you will be able to find the connection you are looking for without feeling trapped or forced to do so.

Hope this helps!


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One thought on “Dreaming of Captain Hook

  1. Holy crap!!!
    I had the same dream!

    Well it was diffrent slightly, I was on his ship and tried to run when he caught me and when I looked at him i was screaming in my mind for him to take me.

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