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Dreaming of a Strange Hispanic Couple

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Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 


I, by chance, happened to find your site. I would be interested to see what you make of this dream. I will warn you that I don’t feel there is a connecting narrative in this dream. Rather, it is a collection of random ‘snippets’ I happen to remember. I just woke up, so they should still be fresh.

I started the dream on the beach with my law school classmates. It was a nice day, and we were having a lot of fun. It appears that we were all rehearsing some kind of choreographed dance. Everyone was wearing their normal streetwear, but I wasn’t hot the way I would think I would be wearing my clothes to the beach on a nice day. There were two groups. Each group consisted of me and my peers standing in a formation on the beach facing the ocean. Every once in a while we would goof off and run into the ocean and splash around. But I think we got in trouble for doing that because suddenly the mood became much more serious. Someone, I assume a professor or instructor, began making adjustments to the formation, who stood where, etc. As I was standing waiting for instructions, I noticed familiar faces from school and some unfamiliar faces. Two unfamiliar faces stood out: a young hispanic man and a young hispanic woman. They weren’t in law school. Something told me they were quite young. Maybe 18/19 years old. The man had tattoos on his body and under his eye. The girl, though very pretty, seemed to have a violent/intimidating streak to her. But we talked and laughed anyways to kill the time (moving people around was taking awhile). The dream started going back and forth between rehearsing on the beach and rehearsing in the hallway of what looked like a middle or high school. Same people but the two unfamiliar faces became more prevalent in the second location.

//BREAK// Here is where the narrative chops up.

I was at the home of the two unfamiliar people from the beach. Somehow, I determined that they were siblings. The woman was very funny and she really seemed to like me. She waved us off as me and the young man got in to the car. I was riding in the backseat of a car. The driver of the car was the young man. Somehow, I realized that this guy was my boyfriend. I began to panic because I have a boyfriend in real life. I couldn’t believe that I had been unfaithful. I started trying to remember everything over the course of our relationship, asking myself why I hadn’t broken it off with the driver. I had no feelings for this man. I didn’t know who he was. I realized I would never date this person in real life because he was very young and immature–completely the opposite of my boyfriend. My real boyfriend is older than me, polished, and professional. I love him very much and we are very happy together. I started devising a plan of dumping the young man and figuring out how/if I should tell my real boyfriend. Suddenly, the driver announced that he was taking me to meet his father. I thought, “Oh shit. I am in serious trouble–I’m meeting the parents!” I sit quietly in the backseat until an older hispanic man gets into the vehicle. The driver introduces us and I shake the dad’s hand. The dad says to me, “you name means a procedure.” I told him I was unaware that my name was the term used for the medical procedure he just had. (I don’t think my name is really the term for a medical procedure). The car conversation began to lull and the driver and his dad started conversing in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish so I pulled out my phone and started going through my text messages. The driver turns around and closes my phone shut telling me, “Let’s try and be here, right now. None of that.” I closed my phone and tried to join the conversation, which thankfully, switched back to English.

Suddenly, I was standing in a small hospital room, alone. I assumed the room belonged to the driver’s dad. I also assumed that the driver and his dad had stepped out for a moment. I used this time to finish my plan of breaking things off with this man. I determined it would not be hard to cut the young man loose, but his sister would be much harder to shake. I thought she would probably try and call me, or see me and I didn’t think that would be good if I was going to be working to save my relationship with my real boyfriend. I also got the sense that the sister might have sought to physically harm me should I ditch her brother. Randomly, I looked into the room’s bathroom and I saw an absolutely filthy bathtub. I got down on my knees and I scrubbed the bathtub clean. When I finished cleaning, I decided I would ask my mom for a little help. The plan I devised would involve immediately breaking up with the boy with no explanation. Then, I would have my mom call his sister and tell her that I was no longer allowed to see him or his family because I was essentially grounded. This is really weird because I’m actually in my early-mid twenties. But for some reason, in dream reasoning, that seemed that to make sense. I woke up before I could implement the plan, but for some reason, I got the sense that everything worked out.

I hope you decide to decode my dream!


Dream Decoded:

Right off the bat I want to make the connection between this dream and your professional life, a job or an internship or something that you have.

The first act of your dream seems to be setting the stage of how you got to be in this position. I’m thinking that the idea of being on a beach represents the environment of being in school, everything is pretty comfortable and you are enjoying every minute of it. The practicing the dance lends an easy metaphor for going though the motions, learning how to practice law…etc. The idea that you are all moving around, or being directed to adjust yourself in such and such a way…I get the idea that at first it was more fun an playful, but as things progress they get more serious. It was right around that time that you were introduced to a new opportunity.

Two unfamiliar faces stood out: a young hispanic man and a young hispanic woman. They weren’t in law school. Something told me they were quite young. Maybe 18/19 years old. The man had tattoos on his body and under his eye. The girl, though very pretty, seemed to have a violent/intimidating streak to her.

I wonder if these two characters represent a job opportunity that is not related to the law. Perhaps it is somewhat foreign to you but not that foreign. The age of this couple, their youth might represent age of the organization or the idea that decisions are made from a teenage level of thinking. His tattoos on the body and face make me think that perhaps this job isn’t exactly on the level or is much more related to the street style. Casual and maybe shady. The girl being pretty but with perhaps hidden nefarious qualities could represent something that looks good on the outside, but might not be good for you in the long run. There is distrust here.

By the second act of your dream, it is explained that you were taken into to their house. You being taken in and then for a drive in the young man’s car is what gives me the idea that they are in control, in a boss type role. They are taking you for a ride…and you’re panicking, measuring him up, comparing him to the likes and values you hold dear and this suitor isn’t measuring up. My guess is you are second guessing a commitment you made with whomever these two represent. There is a sense that you are not in control and you don’t feel as though you can communicate with these folks. You are being asked not to subvert your attention elsewhere (the situation with the cell phone) and once you start to focus you realize that they are speaking your language after all.

By the third act of the dream you give yourself an answer to your story problem, i.e. the relationship that doesn’t fit. Sounds like you will decided to quit your job  or sever ties with this unhealthy, or ill suited commitment you got yourself into (maybe with very little notice) and ask your mom for some help, maybe financial and probably guidance as well. Scrubbing the filthy tub might be seen as a metaphor for cleaning up a personal mess caused by cleaning up messes, if that makes any sense. Consider how being in the hospital might relate to the idea that something critically needs to be fixed or healed and this being connected in a parental way to the commitment you are in.

I think your reality will turn out much like the end of your dream does, in that you move in the direction you need to with enough support resulting in everything working itself out.

Hope this helps!


Do you have a dream you want decoded? Go ahead and send us your dream. I dare you!


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