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Dreaming of the death of an ex (recurring)

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Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

i have two dreams.

in one i am chained to a pole where there’s 4 people standing in front of me in a line. All of them are really close friends but unfortunately 3 of them in the line have already died in real life, but the last one in the line is still alive. he would be my ex-boyfriend. with that said, someone is standing in the shadows and the raise a gun and I’m screaming for them to let my friends go and not to hurt them. they don’t listen and I’m forced to watch my friends die by another hand holding my face. everytime i wake up screaming and crying and its messing with my sleep drastically. it occurs at least twice a week.

the other I’m at my fathers funeral (he’s not dead in real life. he’s perfectly healthy) and I’m there with the same ex-boyfriend that was in the other dream and out of no where these men come in shooting up the place and we’re both hiding. him, being the guys he is, he tells me to stay hidden and he’s going to try to stop this, but he ends up shot in the process and when he falls down beside me his blood goes everywhere and i can see the life leave his eyes. this one occurs maybe once or twice every 2 months and it’s bothering me.

i talk to my ex-boyfriend often and we’re still very close to one another. I’m terrified to sleep much anymore and it’s messing with my sleep schedule. it would mean the world to have some sort of help or idea to what a root meaning to these dreams could be.


Dream Decoded:

Thank you for sending me your dream. I shall do my best to point you in the right direction.

From the beginning of your dream, you are in a place of powerlessness and separation, you are bound and therefore believe that you can not act. It is though some unseen hand or force strapped you down to witness those you love leave your presence in traumatically painful ways. Perhaps your ex is there because on some level the breakup feels no different from another death of someone you once loved. I wonder if you might be better served with another perspective about things.

Sometimes we want to say that everything is alright, we want to be strong, we say we can handle it and everything is OK…we deal, right. But deep down, there are emotions calling out to us to be experienced. These might be painful and powerful types best to be dealt with and they may just surprise us. Sometimes hidden within the most painful experiences are the most powerful gifts we can receive, even the loss of something to tragic end.

As for your second dream, might these symbols bare some resemblance to how you and your ex met the end? This is just a guess of course, but I wonder if the end of your relationship came on the heals of a big loss of direction or guidance in your life. The shooting up is interesting and I wonder if perhaps you feel like others are responsible for whatever happened between you, however he was lost. Again, these might not be active thoughts or feelings, the inspiration for your dreams might be heavily cloaked during the day. You may have to dig deep to find the answers you seek. But again, this dream screams out of powerlessness and the idea that the actions or choices of others are causing the violent ends.

All in all, were I in your shoes, I might think about how I really feel about life and the idea of loss, because it is apart of the cycle of life and there is no escaping it. But after the bitterness of the barren winter, spring undoubtedly arrives once again. That doesn’t bring those we miss back to us in the ways we might want or expect, but perhaps we can think about our time with them with loving fondness and gratitude for the time we have, letting those few painful parting moments at the end truly pass.

I hope this helps!

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