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Dreaming of a Car Being Stolen


Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

Been having this dream for years of someone stealing my car.  I always go visit someone know exactly where I park, sometime I would go to that same spot and my car is gone. I don’t really look for it too much in my dream because I know where I left my car. This last time I would go out to my car, click to open the door from far away to see where it was and some one jumped in and drove off with it.  I followed the person and knew exactly where my car was hidden.  I brought my family and we all waited to see if this guy would come back out, but he never did, at the same time we can see the car hidden in the garage, then I would wake up. It seem as like am always chasing the person stealing my car.This dream been bugging me for years, I would have this dream want to say at least once a month sometime, could be at least 8 times for the year.  Would really need your help in decoding this dream.  What is it telling me in life, something is happening around me, I just cant put my finger on it.

Dream Decoded:

Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

A car, to me in dreams represents ones personal ability to move from one place to another. It is almost like our own personal goals, dreams, motivations, plans and then the ability to get there all wrapped into one. So, then to dream that one has “lost” their car means to me that they have lost this ability to get where they want in life on their own; they lost their personal drive. Could mean that you quit your job or school or something… could mean plans changed and you had to move in a different direction. So, when you say you dreamed that while your car was parked (or maybe you weren’t using your talent or focus to get you where you want) you unwittingly let someone else in on your idea or plans and feel as though they are moving in the direction you feel should be yours…
The culprit being a man could represent an actual male, or it could represent the male principal–being that energy that is active, directed and singularly focused. I see the garage as a place to either store things or fix and work on things. Perhaps that relates somehow.
From where you are, perhaps you are looking at something that you inadvertently shared or gave to someone that you secretly long to have for yourself.
Secondly, I wonder if the idea of having your car taken and placed in the garage of an unknown assailant might represent feelings you have that someone has and is deliberately taken or is hiding from you, your personal drive or motivation. Not only is it parked, you don’t even feel like things are in your control or your own hands…there isn’t any way to get your mobility back since these things are in the hands of another.
Hope this helps!

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10 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Car Being Stolen

  1. What color is the guy stealing the car?
    If he’s black, move out of the ghetto
    If he’s brown this is strange because they don’t usually steal cars
    If he’s white, white people don’t steal cars. They’re smarter than that.

  2. I wanna know Wat does it mean when some old me steals ur truck then you find it he sold it for crack an he go to jail then I go home an then I wake up please help me understand

    • thank you for sharing your dream with me.

      Sometimes our dreams can reflect perspectives we have about certain life situations. For example, someone gets the job you wanted and then they proceed to act out, come in late, do a terrible job, and you eventually get the job anyway… but it was important for them to lose the job first in order for the employer to see them in the truest light and for you to eventually shine.
      hope this helps!

  3. I have dream that my motorcycle was stolen from and as I tried to look for it after someone stolen it from me. What was the meaning of it?

    • thank you for sharing your dream with me.

      a motorcycle is a personal vehicle, faster than a bike so you are using some sort of mechanical way to get to where you need to go, but it carries only you (maybe one other person) at a time. Secondly, the idea that it was stolen from you, makes me think that of fear of losing momentum, or worse yet, that momentum will be taken from you resulting in your focus changing from where you were heading in the first place, to your now having to stop and find your way back to the path you were on.

      hope this helps!

  4. I had dreamnt of my car being stolen by a man and a woman, and returned back to my driveway after they used it .When I reported it to the police , they blew me off and refused to help me. I became infuriated and told the police officer that he was not doing his job and that I would go to the mayor of the city. A few hours later the same police officer came to my house and told me they arrested the man.

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