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Dreaming of a Teenage Daughter Drowned

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Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

I had a very disturbing dream last night…my usual dreams are of everyday things and them causing me stress, like problems at work or with my car etc…just stressful everyday things, and I wake up exhausted because I was dealing with problems all night; however last night was over the top. I do not remember the beginning of the dream but it starts in my memory about someone in my office having money and going to perhaps pay off my coworkers student loan, and then also mine (which I don’t have) although I have other debt, a student loan is not one…but in this dream I guess I had one, I went in to my kids bathroom and pulled out a ledger type book with loose papers sticking out, it was in the cabinet under the sink, it was dim as the light was not on, I could see because over the tub is a frosted window that lets light in, although it was twilight…I walked over to the tub to fix the shower curtain because it was all bunched together in the center of the tub and I was going to pull it across the rod, when I get to the tub I look down and I see my 14 yo daughter laying face up, fully clothed in water over her face, clearly drowned, I was so startled by this image I immediately woke up. I was disturbed and angry that my mind would allow this image and also for it to be so unsuspecting and finite in nature. I can not imagine what I might be thinking that would manifest this dream…help

Dream Decoded:

Hi there, thanks for sharing your dream with me. I just so happened to have a moment so here you go. Let me preface this by saying that seeing children drowning, or almost drowning is by far the most common and seemingly most disturbing dream people have. I have many theories on what this particular symbol means and why it is SO universally common. That said, I tend to still take in each dream uniquely so here’s how I break it down. 

Looking at this dream as a whole it might be relating to concerns, fears, and planning related college or paid education of some sort. I wonder if perhaps you heard of someway to help pay for school at work or in passing or have some recall of this idea–the idea that sparked the events being reflected in the dream. You went to the kids bathroom and pulled out a ledger—again money related. The environment of the bathroom suggests that your kids don’t really have any awareness of this worry or concern yet. The idea that it was dim in there suggests this to me. The frosted window that let light in at twilight–makes me think that the kids (from your point of view) can’t see clearly yet. Their clear view is obscured in someway, perhaps in a cold way even. And the time of night makes me think that this represents the level of consciousness around what is observed. Twilight might suggests and in between time or a period of transition and nearing completion of a phase.
 I have a few different ideas about the curtain and the drowning: first, I wonder if you were propelled in someway to dig into the personal or private matters of your daughter. I’m thinking you had reason to help her fix something, or to at least pay closer attention to things that are going on with her. I wonder if you fear that when you “pull back the curtain” and see what is really going on, you will find that she is “underwater” and “not moving”. Face up and clothed (funny I imagine her in a dress with red, black and white roses on it) makes me think that in your mind, she knew what was happening, she saw it coming or she should have been prepared. The other line of thinking I have is that perhaps you are afraid that she is overwhelmed and immersed in emotion. The bathtub is a place we go to clean ourselves, to wash off things, to get rid of things. Your attention was drawn to the problem with your daughter because of the bunchy curtain. Something needed straightening out. That’s how you found out. Maybe she failed a class or something. In any event, the idea of her failure was a surprise to you. Another way to look at it would be to consider the idea that your daughter didn’t take in enough air. She needs some space to breathe and at the moment, she needs a lift and maybe some help to start breathing again.
That’s how I see the pieces, but really you have to put the puzzle together.
Hope this helps!

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