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Dreaming of Being Arrested and of Dream Guy and His Girlfriend

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Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

I dream several years ago about waking up in a groggy state of mind and looking for a child in my house and realizing the child must’ve went outside as my heartbeat races and opened the sliding glass doors.  The child felt like it was mine or my responsibility and was young, probably 3 or 4 years old.  I immediately found the child floating in our in ground pool face down and i knew the child was dead. I started toward the child and knew i was pulling him out but didn’t actually see our feel this part and skipped to the next part of the dream.  Next I was being handcuffed by a police officer and put in the back of the car.  I knew my grown daughter was watching and extremely angry staring at me as the car pulled away.  I felt numb, with a cold heart but a seemingly broken heart as if I knew that I would be blamed and was completely numb. My husband was not there but felt with my daughter’s presence as equally angry and they stood together in minds and feelings.  There were pictures being taken from what felt like the media.

I do not have a small child or a pool.  I do have an 18 year old daughter.
This dream has bothered me as it was one that i had in the morning and with such vivid feelings and a clarity that has never went away.  I remember it like yesterday to this day.

I’ve had a few dreams in my past that have came true.  Not exactly as they were in the dreams but as they signified.  They were about major changes in my life and major events only.

I’ve also had dreams of two people that has passed away that just seemed to send a message.  One of his happiness and freedom from illness a year or do after his death.  He was my grandfather.

The other was someone who was a friend of a friend that passed away at the hands of her husband and father of her children.  He shot and killed her with 9 bullets in their home.  The dream was a replay it seemed of him shooting her and her trying to get out the door until she fell and died.  It was full of feeling her emotions as it happened and his rage.  I had recently hired one of her children to babysit our children and became very close to her daughter by chance.  Her grandmother told me that i reminded her of her mother and as that child started going thru some hard times she and her grandmother turned to me for help in talking to her.  I sometimes felt after a heartfelt talk with this girl that her mother was somehow guiding that conversation because it was so passionate and easy to treat her like my own child.  It all seemed strange…..

My last concern is someone i met on vacation across the country that lived in our hometown area.  I was about to go thru a divorce when returning from this trip.  I had prayed about meeting someone for the first time in 13 years that i felt connected to but not looking for a relationship because I was exhausted emotionally.  But, more of a plea for hope in my future.  I was very specific about details in this person in my prayer that I may possibly see a future with someone like that someday.  I met him and was in awe of the exactness of my prayer that my best friend had said was ridiculous and never going to happen.  I contacted him after my divorce and couldn’t believe the connection and bond I felt even though i kept a distance from him.  I had a child and couldn’t deal with everything emotionally in a new relationship and divorce.  He had a child as well.  I never knew his true feelings but it ended because it seemed that my ex husband and his best friend were up to no good in connection to me.  I believe he tried to tell me and i know that he knew.  But eventually I was bitter about this and questioned whether my prayer was answered or intercepted by my ex husband and ask had been a lie. 
I since remarried and avoided him at all costs prior to and after my marriage.  He seemed to appear often knowing and forcing his presence to cross my path which angered upset and bothered me.  I loved him although i didn’t want to be in a relationship with him and he knew this.
Now it’s, 13 years later, my current husband left with a job promotion unexpectedly and moved across the country saying he wants a divorce.  I’ve been devastated.  But, the strange thing about dreams and this man is how often i dream about him.  Even before i became angry, dreamt a couple of things that happened concerning him.  After i married, i haven’t dreamt of him in a very long time, but I have probably 5 times in the last year!  Before i realized problems were coming with my current husband that are breaking my heart.  The man i never had a REAL relationship with still lives around here and is in a relationship that has been serious for many years now.  She is typically in the dream as well.  I can’t figure out what or why I’m dreaming about him so frequently!  In the dreams, he is with her and yet to her dislike he’s my friend and I’m very happy about it.  Living next door in one dream and actually a roommate of him and hers in another!  She obviously doesn’t like him talking to me and makes that clear in the dreams by expressions and short phrases discounting what i say.  He however makes it clear, he’s ignoring her and respectfully nods or hushes her per say.  In one of them his son is working for me as a travel agent (I’m supposed to be opening that business in real life) and his son was being flirtatious on a business trip and i shared that with him and he asked if i told his son how inappropriate that was.  I said i didn’t because there were a lot of people around as his girlfriend made faces suggesting I’m lying or???  Anyway, this concerns me SOOOO very much because i don’t feel like i thought of him a lot before these dreams although i did think of him sometimes.  Because he came into my life right before my first divorce, and now I’m headed for another that I’m scared to death of. 

Please help me with these dreams!!  Uggh.  I’m baffled by all of them!  I have not read about dreams much until last night reading a few articles of opinions.  I couldn’t make sense of what these could mean.  I find them fascinating!!  I seen a spirit when 30 years ago and have been a believer every since of a higher power and a world we know nothing about. 

I appreciate any help you can give me!

Dream Decoded:

Hi, thank you for sharing your dream with me. You provided a lot of information, and after reading it, despite your perhaps unwanting to, I can see that you already do have a handle on the gist of the messages, at least the recurring dreams. Let see what comes to mind, shall we:

you say the dream happened many years ago, so if you can take your self back to the time in your life when you had the dream and the events unfolding. When I see children in dreams, be they yours or unknown, my first thought is responsibilities and the parent/child dynamic. So look for something in your life that might be a match to that, for me it could be a project or a job, something for which you spend a lot of time and effort caring for. That said, if I were to guess, somehow this project or responsibility met an abrupt end, and although you obviously couldn’t have intervened, you hold yourself (and maybe you think others do/will) responsible. The feeling that both your daughter and husband won’t “see” your side or will follow assumptions… these could be insecurities bubbling up… the pictures and media symbols to me, make me think that you felt not only personal shame/embarrassment/responsibility or at home, but also publicly. It was something that other people would talk about, or so you fear.
The second dream, feels to me, as I read your words more like longing for the “one who might have gotten away”. I feel two ways about this, on the one hand, this male could represent himself and the actual (on the face) dynamics between the two of you and could be prophetic in someway, can’t discount the power of the mind. On the other hand, I see a deeper meaning perhaps, one that maybe takes a second look. Firstly, it doesn’t matter if you are roommates or neighbors, the symbolism remains, you are in close quarters with this situation or symbol, it is very near to your life. Doesn’t sound like the real guy to me unless you have a relationship with him… so maybe there is situation that he represents. Males can represent giving, activities, action, and the reaching for, penetrating, dominant, etc.. while women can represent the receiving, the nurturing, the mysterious, the being known… etc..
You feel as though you secretly might have the upper hand in the situation, that even though you don’t have him now, there is the feeling that he is secretly with you and eventually will come your way.
The last dream about the son and the business, once you discover what the father represents to you, it should be rather simple to unravel what his son might represent and the awkward conversation that took place. Again it seems though, that your position relative to the situations presented in these dreams tend to be misunderstood by those around you. In the first dream it is your daughter and husband, in the later dreams it is this dream guy’s girlfriend.. even when you think you are doing the right thing, things are taken the wrong way or misunderstood or mislabeled..
I am sorry to hear about the pains of your life right now, but know that they are birthing your next great adventure.
Hope this helps!
UPDATE: Dreamer’s Response
Wow!!  How awesome you are!!  This interpretation made my day! Lol. Although difficult to be sure which analysis is correct, I’m sure you have nailed these! The child, is a business and i do feel as though I’m being blamed and failing costing thousands of dollars while my husband and daughter watch.  I never thought of it as a*baby ” but it is in fact just THAT.  Totally makes sense because I’m feeling that numbness and anger toward this whole situation the same as in the dream!  Amazing.
They other, strange connection, definitely seems I’m misunderstood and he has always tried to “figure me out” so to speak from a distance!  Although there was some foul play in invading my privacy and be without a doubt, knew exactly what was happening.  This has always left me wondering if he was an instrument, responsible party, or simply receiving information from that invasion. Regardless, I know there was a connection i may never be able to explain there and it was a mutual thing.  It’s sad to me that i most likely will never know either because it’s going to be misunderstood if i were to reach out to him.  Although, the dreams I’ve had about him after so many, not mentioned that detailed upcoming events in regard to him!  I’ve never experienced that with anyone else and it is a mind-blowing experience!  And seems it’s went to waste as a connection like that will not likely ever be experienced again.  I’m 46 now, and met him 16 years ago! Lol.  He’s a very cautious, reluctant, intelligent man, never been married so obviously commitment issues.  Probably stemming from his parents nasty divorce in which his father cheated on his mother and her heartbreaks that followed.  Hmmm, I know he has told people about me, knows I’m creeping on his Fb page sometimes and paints me a picture of games so to speak.  Ugghhh…. Life is so short, and this leaves me stumped. Lol
Thanks so much for sharing this!!  You’re really awesome!  Do you have any gifts in clairvoyance??  Life readings or spirit communications?  I’m fascinated by all of THAT!!
Again, my gratitude!!

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