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Dreams Decoded here. Send me your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and share your dream, I dare you.

Dreaming of Saving the Ex

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Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

I was riding a motorcycle when I got to a bridge a flash flood washed it out. I turned around and ended up at some apartments were [being] remodeling. When I saw my boy my ex wife and a dog ,the water was rushing in the apt. There were stairs but were not finished I grabbed my ex wife a threw her up stairs and my son was next and I threw him upstairs too and then the dog. The water was almost to the second floor everyone was safe when I awoke. Strange, please help interpret this dream thank you THE SOVRAIGHN…..

Dream Decoded:

Thank you for sharing your dream with me, here is what comes to my mind:

We begin with you on a path toward making a change in your life. A threshold or transition (bridge) that has been postponed, or in your mind, obliterated and you having to go back, instead of moving forward like you were expecting. You arrive at a place that is temporary and is under repair, so as to say, perhaps you won’t be there long and it will help “remodel” some things for you. I’m not sure how old your son is, but it is interesting that you save your ex wife first (unless that makes complete sense for you)…regardless it sounds like you might be in a position where you will need to help them by “lifting” them up. a dog, to me represents companionship/friendship.. and it sounds like you were able to help despite the impending danger… so kudos to you.
Hope this helps!
UPDATE: Dreamer’s Response
That helped just found out she might lose her foot …
Ooh and thank you The SOVRAIGHN…

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