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Dreaming of a Failing Marriage or Harmed Children

Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

I have lots of dreams that are scary, they aren’t nightmares but they include my marriage failing or my daughter being harmed. This one is the weirdest. And it was so very real when I was dreaming that when I woke up, I was actually angry at my husband.

 Me and my husband are on this beach and we live in this beach house. And we don’t have our daughter so It’s just us married and all that and one night you have this party and Jim (my husband) had to run out to get more chips or snack stuff and I was in our room and one of his friends came in and we were just talking and everything and all of the sudden he leaned in and kissed me. I stopped him, and was like “I’m happily married” I was afraid to tell Jim so I didn’t and I was just trying to forget it. then a couple days later I was like we are missing 500$ from our safe so Jim said “I installed these security cameras for safety” and the safe was in our bedroom so when we watched the tapes over, he saw that he tried to kiss me and I was freaking out and started crying and was like no baby I swear I stopped him I was afraid to tell you. and all that good stuff. He believed me and  didn’t get angry he just kinda ignored it like it didn’t happen and boom, that first part of my dream ended.

The second part (which is the weirdest part of all) Jim and I are in the same beach house and me and christy (our neighbor) stayed friends.  And we invited her and nate(her husband) and their  kids to come stay for the weekend and play at the beach and stuff. so they came up and we were having a good time and then nate was like I got to run to work real quick I’ll be back. and then their kids came and they were all muddy and dirty from the beach so christy was like im going to go clean them off so she went in the shower and started cleaning them and she was like “Jim or lyndsey I need your help real quick” so I went in there and there was like this big rock in the bathtub that her kids brought in and Jim was like okay well ill get it since It’s really heavy. I said okay and left I was sitting in the family room watching tv and about an hour goes by, I was like Whats taking so long. So I go into the bathroom and Jim is in the shower with christy not having sex, but they  were both naked and they were just kissing but like a real passionate kissing like not like the “I just want sex kiss” but real kissing like passionate making out. I started freaking out and dragged her out of the bathrrom by her hair and I was screaming and Jim were telling me to calm down it wasn’t that big of a deal and she was crying so I was like let’s just see how nate feels about this. So I called him at work and told him and he was so mad and he came back to our house and we were both standing there like this is some bullshit. Jim had this careless expression on his face and christy was still crying. I so I looked at nate and was like well it looks like im getting a divorce and he was like me too, so I looked at Jim and I was like guess we are both single now and he just stood there like he didn’t care. so nate turned to me and said “since we are both single we might as well get together” I was like fine I don’t care. and christy was like “you can’t do this to me” and I kicked her out of my house and then nate kicked Jim  out. you still had the careless expression on your face the entire time.


What does it mean? I mean me and husband do have some jealousy issues from time to time, but we are newly married (2 years) I can’t understand why I would still be dreaming like this.

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Dreaming of a Strange Hispanic Couple

Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 


I, by chance, happened to find your site. I would be interested to see what you make of this dream. I will warn you that I don’t feel there is a connecting narrative in this dream. Rather, it is a collection of random ‘snippets’ I happen to remember. I just woke up, so they should still be fresh.

I started the dream on the beach with my law school classmates. It was a nice day, and we were having a lot of fun. It appears that we were all rehearsing some kind of choreographed dance. Everyone was wearing their normal streetwear, but I wasn’t hot the way I would think I would be wearing my clothes to the beach on a nice day. There were two groups. Each group consisted of me and my peers standing in a formation on the beach facing the ocean. Every once in a while we would goof off and run into the ocean and splash around. But I think we got in trouble for doing that because suddenly the mood became much more serious. Someone, I assume a professor or instructor, began making adjustments to the formation, who stood where, etc. As I was standing waiting for instructions, I noticed familiar faces from school and some unfamiliar faces. Two unfamiliar faces stood out: a young hispanic man and a young hispanic woman. They weren’t in law school. Something told me they were quite young. Maybe 18/19 years old. The man had tattoos on his body and under his eye. The girl, though very pretty, seemed to have a violent/intimidating streak to her. But we talked and laughed anyways to kill the time (moving people around was taking awhile). The dream started going back and forth between rehearsing on the beach and rehearsing in the hallway of what looked like a middle or high school. Same people but the two unfamiliar faces became more prevalent in the second location.

//BREAK// Here is where the narrative chops up.

I was at the home of the two unfamiliar people from the beach. Somehow, I determined that they were siblings. The woman was very funny and she really seemed to like me. She waved us off as me and the young man got in to the car. I was riding in the backseat of a car. The driver of the car was the young man. Somehow, I realized that this guy was my boyfriend. I began to panic because I have a boyfriend in real life. I couldn’t believe that I had been unfaithful. I started trying to remember everything over the course of our relationship, asking myself why I hadn’t broken it off with the driver. I had no feelings for this man. I didn’t know who he was. I realized I would never date this person in real life because he was very young and immature–completely the opposite of my boyfriend. My real boyfriend is older than me, polished, and professional. I love him very much and we are very happy together. I started devising a plan of dumping the young man and figuring out how/if I should tell my real boyfriend. Suddenly, the driver announced that he was taking me to meet his father. I thought, “Oh shit. I am in serious trouble–I’m meeting the parents!” I sit quietly in the backseat until an older hispanic man gets into the vehicle. The driver introduces us and I shake the dad’s hand. The dad says to me, “you name means a procedure.” I told him I was unaware that my name was the term used for the medical procedure he just had. (I don’t think my name is really the term for a medical procedure). The car conversation began to lull and the driver and his dad started conversing in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish so I pulled out my phone and started going through my text messages. The driver turns around and closes my phone shut telling me, “Let’s try and be here, right now. None of that.” I closed my phone and tried to join the conversation, which thankfully, switched back to English.

Suddenly, I was standing in a small hospital room, alone. I assumed the room belonged to the driver’s dad. I also assumed that the driver and his dad had stepped out for a moment. I used this time to finish my plan of breaking things off with this man. I determined it would not be hard to cut the young man loose, but his sister would be much harder to shake. I thought she would probably try and call me, or see me and I didn’t think that would be good if I was going to be working to save my relationship with my real boyfriend. I also got the sense that the sister might have sought to physically harm me should I ditch her brother. Randomly, I looked into the room’s bathroom and I saw an absolutely filthy bathtub. I got down on my knees and I scrubbed the bathtub clean. When I finished cleaning, I decided I would ask my mom for a little help. The plan I devised would involve immediately breaking up with the boy with no explanation. Then, I would have my mom call his sister and tell her that I was no longer allowed to see him or his family because I was essentially grounded. This is really weird because I’m actually in my early-mid twenties. But for some reason, in dream reasoning, that seemed that to make sense. I woke up before I could implement the plan, but for some reason, I got the sense that everything worked out.

I hope you decide to decode my dream!


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