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Dreaming of Departed Relatives (Spirit Visitation)

Dreams Decoded here. Post your dream and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Go ahead and post your dream, I dare you..

Dream from the mailbag: 

I was 11 years old when my mom died of Brain Cancer. She was a young and very healthy woman until a year before she died.  We did many things together with my younger brother and sister. She died when she was only 33 years old.
Through the years I had a few dreams of her, one of the first one’s I remember, she was trying to get into my childhood home and was knocking on the doors and windows but I wouldn’t open them for her.  I was terrified.
Many years later, I had a dream that my husband and I were sitting in a restaurant and talking and I looked up at the woman that the table right next to me and started crying. Even though she looked nothing like my mother, I knew it was her.  I was able to ask her if it really was my mom, and she said yes.  I woke up crying.
When I was 34 years old, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  A friend from work emailed me one night saying she had a dream about my mother. She had never met my mother, and knew my mom had died.  In her dream she said we took our lunch hour and we were going to the hospital to visit my mother, but she thought  I meant my mom in law because she knew my mom had passed 20+ years before.  When we got to the hospital, she said we stopped at the Gift Shop and bought a balloon.  She said we then got on the elevator and went to her hospital room.  She said my mother was lying in a hospital bed and told me to come over to her.  She said I climbed into my mom’s hospital bed and my mother held me, rubbed my bald head and told me everything was going to be okay.  I am now coming up on my 9 year anniversary of my diagnosis.
Five years ago, my grandmother, who was my “other” mom, passed away.  I was devastated to loose her.  I think of her often and I miss her very much.  I have had numerous dreams where she comes to me.  One dream, was in a church and I was going up for Communion and she walked right up to me and hugged me.  Another was on a train. She was sick and sleeping alot, but I stayed by her side.  The most recent, was just last night.  I dreamt I was at an amusement place and I was going on a ride, but something happened and I couldn’t get on.  In the dream the ride operator told me to go to another operator and that they would give me a free ride and a dozen roses for my trouble.  I went where I was instructed and talked to the operator.  He asked me to wait a minute and from around the corner came my grandma with a dozen yellow roses wrapped up.  I started crying as soon as I saw her, and again woke up.

What do you think of these dreams? I really believe the one of my mom in the hospital was her way of telling me that I would be okay.

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Dreaming of a White Wedding

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This weeks random dream trolling led me to this lovely dream blogged by FollyofOne
The original post can be found here: A Nice Day for a White Wedding

I was getting married. His name was DJ, and he was one of my dates from eHarmony. I had dated two DJ’s from eHarmony, and this one was the nicer of the two, I kept telling people. We’d only been on two dates and I hadn’t spoken to him in months, but his mother called and asked if I’d be willing to marry her son. I said yes. The wedding was at his house, a place I’d visited before. My mom and his mom sat with me as got ready for the wedding. I was in a white lace dress, very pretty, with my blonde hair in an updo, and I had yellow rose bouquets for me and my maids. I saw DJ across the room and we acknowledged each other but didn’t really talk. I hadn’t spoken to him since our 2nd date. He was from the east coast. My mom was excited but it was as if she’d never been to a wedding before, I thought. The bouquets were left in my mom’s care, and she left them out of water for a few hours before the ceremony so the tips of the roses were starting to brown. This annoyed me. She kept asking me if I wanted to go through with it, and I wasn’t sure, I was starting to get cold feet, but I told her that I did want to go through with it. Then, later, DJ came to sit at our table with a few other people. I don’t remember if my mom was there. I was sitting across from him, and at one point I said something and reached under the table to touch his knee. I remember feeling like if I did that, he’d know I was willing to go through with this. He smiled at me. Shortly thereafter, his mom mentioned the time, 4:45 (the wedding was at 5) and I remembered I needed to put on makeup before the wedding, and I wasn’t sure if 15 minutes would be enough time. 

I started with light and dark brown eyeshadow, and then looked for eyeliner. I couldn’t find it, so I grabbed a sharpie and used that. His dad was concerned about my health and using a sharpie on my eyes. When I looked in the mirror for the eyeliner application, I wasn’t wearing eye shadow and I had dark red hair, stick straight, with definite bangs (like Florence + the machine front-lady Florence Welch). The sharpie was not applying well and covered my whole eyelid almost.

Then I woke up.

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