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Who is the Dream Decoder? (Interview)

Who is the Dream Decoder?

I am a dreamer, just like you. 

How did you learn how to interpret dreams?

I’m not exactly sure. It just so happens that sometimes when I am told about a dream, particularly when they write it out to me, I just get a flood of ideas about what they might mean, how it might connect to the events in a life and what I would think if I had that sort of dream. I put myself in the shoes of the dreamer and sometimes what I say makes sense to them. 

Are most of your interpretations found to be accurate?

That is hard to say because of the nature of dreams. I would say that the feedback I receive is overwhelmingly positive. I am always surprised myself, that is why getting feedback from the dreamer is so important to me. I like to know if my thinking makes sense and if it does, that it is helpful. Anyway, I am not here because I think I know what your dream is all about because I don’t. My job here isn’t to tell you that anyway, you must figure it out. I am here to point you in the right direction; set you on the path toward understanding. 

Why do you do this for free?

Because I can. In my 20’s I was a LiveJournaler and they had a Dream Interpretation group and I would do that for fun. I would read the dreams and any other interpretations, but what I had to say was…lengthy. I would always have so many ideas and then the work was to try to make sense of what I was getting and try to explain it in a helpful, useful way. My step-mom dreams nearly every night and sometimes would share her dreams with me and I would often have ideas about what they might mean. She thought I was pretty good at it so I had the idea to try it more, so I set up this lil blog and offered to give it a go. I hadn’t thought about charging for it, I just wanted to see if I was any good at it.  I am working on an e-book that will be for sale, hopefully very soon, explaining with some care my process and how I go about interpreting a dream. Hopefully that and the continuation of this blog will lead to more opportunities. 

Do you ever not know what something in a dream means?

At first, all the time! Sometimes it takes a while to really get the gist. You have to relax and try to look into the metaphor and not at the physicality. The physicality points and an idea, it is an idea that we are looking at. The more I am able to accept whatever the symbols in the dream are for what they are without judgement, I can look at it like a story being told. A story of inner hopes and dreams, woes and fears of our life and the current happenings thereof. Dream props, settings and characters are all there for a purpose, the work to be done is to question what that purpose might be. Only the dreamer can know for sure what any dream means using their own divine guidance. So back to an earlier question, I couldn’t possibly be right about every element of everyone’s dreams because I am not them. I didn’t live their life, nor think what they think, nor experience exactly what they experience, so some things in dreams are meant to be understood only by the dreamer. This is why I am more accurate with my own dreams than with others and even now, I am still learning how to be better at it. As I grow, so will my interpretations because I will be able to see more and explain it with greater and greater precision and hopefully, grace. 

How is a private reading different from what you do on your website?

It is much different because it is more focused. We might be able to cover a handful of dreams in an hour, that is like unlocking a handful of doors… So you get a richer, more full personal attention to your life at the moment relating to the dreams dream. Where on the website, I am writing to a broader audience. Plus you don’t have to share your dreams with the world in order to hear what I have to say. Your dream is not decoded publicly (unless you request it). That’s another reason someone might want to have a private reading. 

Hope this helps!

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